About me

I currently work as a (.NET) developer on different projects, mainly web focused. A huge part of my work is creating the frontend of web applications and I think that's cool!

In my spare time I'm doing different things like driving a motorbike, running, inline skating, taking photos and going out with friends. I also work on small personal (web) projects. Scroll down to see some of these.



Speak Timer

Firefox add-on: Speak Timer

March 2023

Speak Timer helps with monitoring the time for someone who is giving a speech, for example during a Toastmasters meeting. It can be used as an alternative for showing physical timing cards to the speaker.

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Tracking Timer

Firefox add-on: Tracking Timer

June 2021

Track time easily and fast and directly in the Firefox browser with add-on. This extension allows you to create and manage multiple timers in a popup.

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Next Move

Android game: Next Move

November 2020

Take care of a small moving square in this abstract Android game. The square moves from point to point. Swipe to set its moving direction for when it reaches the next point and don't let it hit an obstacle.

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Ace Bird 64

GMTK Game Jam 2020: Ace Bird 64

July 2020

Together with Frank I participated in the GMTK Game Jam 2020. It's a contest where we had two days to build a game with the theme 'Out ouf Control'. During this jam we created this game. Fly and dodge the obstacles at high speed.

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Jump Focus

Android game: Jump Focus

March 2020

Jump from platform to platform and try to beat the high scores of your friends. Stay focused and jump at the right moment. You can unlock unique characters with different jump styles.

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Move Around

Game: Move Around

September 2019

The first game I created with the game engine Unity was 'Move Around'. Fly around and capture as many points as possible without hitting the moving walls or spikes.

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De Club van 7

De Club van 7

February 2018, 2019

Every year in April, my friends organize a party weekend. I designed the logo and every year I design the poster and flyer for the next edition.

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Image Selector Datatype

Umbraco package: Image Selector Datatype

December 2017

This extension allows a developer to configure a new type of field for the Umbraco CMS. The field shows selectable options as images, which a content-editor can use.

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Multi URL Opener

Firefox add-on: Multi URL Opener

August 2017

Do you check some specific sites every day? Make this easier by using my extension for Firefox. This add-on allows you to open your favorite URLs in just one click.

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Jetpack Spikes

HTML5 game: Jetpack Spikes

December 2015

With the JavaScript framework Phaser I created this game. Move the player (with a jetpack) around and don't let it hit the moving spikes. Try to stay alive as long as you.

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Pixel Puzzle

Android app: Pixel Puzzle

May 2013

As part of a school project I created an Android game with 5 classmates. In this game you need to tap tiles (pixels) to recreate an image. In Pixel Puzzle you puzzle yourself around the world.

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ZPV De Grunte Hardenberg

Website De Grunte

Oktober 2013

Together with a friend I maintain the website for the swimming club where I'm a member of. The site contains news articles, competition agendas and competition results. In 2013 I updated the logo and the design of the website so it matches the new colors and club identity.

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